Announcing Our Investment in Maker’s Row

makers_rowI love NYC startups. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time with seed stage companies here. I am honored to announce our investment in one of my favorites, Maker’s Row, which connects designers with American manufacturers.

Maker’s Row is tackling a large issue. Years ago, I ran a company that made toys and games….we actually created goods which we then distributed to stores throughout the world. Quality manufacturers were almost impossible to find and the search was consistently a huge time drain. I wish Maker’s Row existed back in the day.

Tanya and Matthew, the founders of Maker’s Row, came up with the idea as they had the same issues when they were manufacturing accessories. They wanted a simple place to go where they could easily find much-needed resources and manufacturers as they completed the step-by-step process from ideation to production. Most importantly, they wanted high quality manufacturers and processes that would ensure they didn’t sink precious resources into unfamiliar geographies and factories.
The passion and vision of their team initially struck me. Then, the diligence and data validated that the market was there and waiting for a carefully curated solution, which Tanya, Matthew and their talented team had created.

We are excited to work with Maker’s Row and our fellow investors, Index Ventures, Joanne Wilson, Alexis Ohanian, and others toward achieving the Maker’s Row vision. A special thank you to my colleague, William Crowder, who initially met Tanya and Matthew and is an integral part of this investment. So please help us spread the word to your designer friends and others that a solution now exists for their manufacturing issues. In addition, if you happen to know some amazing tech people looking to join a fantastic team and company, then please send them our way.

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