Our Loverly Investment

LoverlyToday I am pleased to announce our third investment of 2013. Loverly is a wedding inspiration and discovery search engine that allows brides-to-be to find and engage with the vendors they desire to create the ultimate wedding experience. For women planning weddings, the experience is overwhelming and so are most of the sites that claim to be able to help. Loverly has created a stunning, image-driven solution that takes a lot of pain out of the planning process.

I met Loverly’s founder and CEO, Kellee Khalil in the fall of 2012 after simultaneous introductions from a great friend, Joanne Wilson (Loverly’s first angel investor) and my colleagues Kathleen Utecht and Rick Prostko at Comcast Ventures. From the first meeting it was clear she was driven to succeed and determined to do it on a big scale.

While evaluating this investment, we were blown away at the degree to which brides-to-be were overwhelmed and frustrated with the offerings of the “leaders” in the space. When the women we interviewed realized we weren’t asking them about a future site but rather one that was actually available every one of them signed up. What’s more is that they each made a point of following up with us to say just how thrilled they were with the experience and that they wished they had known about it sooner! When you get customer feedback like that, you know you’re on to something special.

Kellee and the Loverly team built the site and mobile app with an eye for what appeals to brides-to-be and we expect that will always be at core of what they do. This will be fun!

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