Quincy Jones and the Catalyst Fund?

Earlier this summer, the Platform Summit, a gathering of innovators with a particular interest in seeing the innovation economy become more diverse, was held at the MIT Media Lab. I was honored to not only attend, but that I was also asked to be one of 30 invited speakers. Special guests included Quincy Jones, Dr. Mae Jemison, and Mitch Kapor so it was humbling just to be in their presence.

The topics for the 3-day event were wide ranging but all focused around a single objective, spurring creative thought and action in order to get more people of color involved in the promise, opportunity, and prosperity of the tech sector. Simply put, more African Americans and Latinos need to be seen and heard as tech entrepreneurs.

Hank Williams, the visionary behind the event, called me a couple of months ago to let me know that videos of the various talks, including mine, were being released for public consumption. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing myself on camera. In fact, I didn’t even watch my talk until yesterday! If you’re curious about what I had to say here’s the link to the video.

After watching several talks, including an in-depth conversation with entrepreneur Troy Carter and a personal perspective about failure from investor Kanyi Maqubela. I have to say that the videos are must-see TV. The content will leave you inspired, perhaps more determined, and definitely optimistic about the future of diversity in tech. I encourage you to watch all of the segments whenever you have some free time. I promise you, it will be time well spent.

You can view the Platform conference video page here.

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