Our Story

The Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund was established in 2011 and has invested in over 70+ diverse founding teams.

Catalyst Fund has the unique opportunity to leverage our relationship with ComcastNBCUniversal and provides strategic integrations within the corporate, cable, and media businesses.


We have years of experience in company building.

From hiring, to raising money, to guidance on acquisitions, our team is seasoned in all aspects of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Our extensive network spans startups, venture capital, and publicly traded companies, providing founders access to influential mentors and advisors.

From Seed to Growth

Catalyst Fund makes Seed and Series A investments and has the ability to participate in future financing rounds.

We are dedicated to supporting founders with capital and resources throughout their startup journey.

We invest in early stage tech and media startups.

Investment Criteria & Sectors

We invest from coast-to-coast, in any and all verticals.

We admire founders who possess deep subject matter expertise, a passion for the problem they are solving, and the determination to overcome all obstacles in their way.